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The faces to the names.

Greg Pratt

Greg Pratt

Dealer Principal

Greg Pratt worked in motorcycle sales for Auckland Harley-Davidson for the past 15 years. In November 2016, he took on the mantle of Dealer Principal for North Auckland Harley-Davidson. When he's not running the dealership, Greg thinks its a great idea to risk life and limb as a movie stunt man. He's so famous he'll autograph anything for $20 .

Phil Heath

Phil Heath

Parts Specialist

Phil is our most experienced parts specialist. After working across the ditch in many roles with H-D, he decided NZ was the place to be and we're glad he came. He's still adjusting to NZ's cooler climate after coming directly from the furnace that is Brisbane, so please give him a warm Kiwi welcome.


Kat Salotti

GM and Merchandise Specialist

Kat takes care of all our Genuine H-D accessories, gifts and clothing. She may be blonde but don't let that fool you, she's also got many years of H-D experience at dealerships around the Globe, but mostly Australialand. There's nothing she doesn't know about Harley clothing so don't hesitate to pick her brains.

Richard Mainwaring

Richard Mainwaring

Service Writer

Richard comes from the Valleys of South Wales where his love of S̶h̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ all things Kiwi are legendary. He's actually a master of organisation, so if you need your Harley booked in, drop him a line.

Rob Goes

Rob Goes

Factory Trained Technician

Rob is an massively experienced Harley-Davidson factory trained technician with decades of experience. He comes to us from the land of windmills and dykes (the type that holds back the sea).

Shaun Goodwin

Shaun Goodwin


Shaun has been in the automotive industry forever. He came to us via Auckland Harley-Davidsons' parts dept. and is now one of our Technicians. He says his beard gives him Odin like powers. We're not so sure.

Tanya Hetherington

Tanya Hetherington


Tanya is our entire wonderful accounting dept. and also occassionally you may well see her on our shop floor. She's also our resident famous published author of romantic fiction.

Chris Ge

Chris Gavin-Egan

IT Systems Tech Chap

Chris has been the IT dept. for Auckland Harley-Davidson for the past decade and moonlights for North Auckland Harley-Davidson. We like him, so he can stay.


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